320X320(或以上)的高分辨率,Palm OS 5.0

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In Bubble Ship Boy, you play the role of n-droo, a lovable alien from the planet Velition who unwittingly finds himself in an unarmed scout ship and on the trail of Deek Furple, a mischievous purple alien boy.

Bubble Ship Boy is an original Palm game with simple, 80's inspired arcade gameplay, full screen cut scene stills woven throughout, and modern graphics. Once the required playing skills have been attained, an entire action quest can be played to completion in about 6 minutes! It is designed for play on mobile devices, such as the PalmOne Treo 650 smartphone or Tungsten line of Palm PDAs.


  * Genre-forming game-- a "Bite-Size Epic" action quest!
  * Truly orginal arcade gameplay
  * Compelling story
  * Adorable characters
  * Crystal clear high-resolution graphics
  * Superb sound effects
  * Full screen cut scenes before each level
  * Alternate game endings!
  * Two difficulty settings
  * Three different ships to fly


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